My story

Tiffany Garvin Headshot

I wasn’t always living at my highest capacity. In the Spring of 1996, I was serving the good people in Fort Worth, Texas. I was 22 years old and working hard to build a good life. I started experiencing some odd symptoms – crippling pain that moved around my body without cause, heavy fatigue, and then short term memory loss. I was confused and afraid. Doctors were at a loss, except for one. Her words made my heart sink.

For the next 18 years, I worked to overcome what felt like a death sentence – chronic illness. The pain, fatigue, mental fog, emotional strain, and a variety of other challenges weighed on me heavily, but I never gave up hope. I learned powerful lessons along the way that our personal well-being has so much more to do with our internal programming and dialogue than any external influence. In 2014, my treasure hunt was finally successful. I beat the odds. I overcame this incredible challenge. I healed.

Since that time, I have been helping others who struggle in similar ways, whether physically, emotionally, or professionally. My greatest weakness has become my strength. My greatest challenge has become my mission. I have a vision to help people around the world discover their innate power to overcome their challenges and live a joyful, fulfilling, and purposeful life. I empower those I help to have an even greater impact on those they serve and lead.

How can I help you reach your potential and become the leader you’re meant to be?

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